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OUTLANDER: Watch Jamie And The Highlanders Storm Fort William

Three minutes of new footage from the return of OUTLANDER shows the Scots muscling their way into Fort William.

We’ve seen how Claire Beauchamp Fraser fares inside Black Jack Randall’s office in Fort William in OUTLANDER’s mid-season finale, but how did Jamie Fraser end up in the office window with a gun pointed at Black Jack?

A new three minute clip from the show’s return episode, THE RECKONING, is giving us a new perspective on the scene. This time, we’re seeing Jamie and the other Highlanders breaking their way into Fort William using stealth, knives, and a few good threats!

Behold, a verra special surprise for our devoted Outlanders! Watch this exclusive sneak peek of Outlander's mid-season premiere.

Posted by Outlander on Monday, March 30, 2015

OUTLANDER returns to Starz this Saturday, April 4th!