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OUTLANDER Writers Talk Complex Brotherly Love In “The Hail Mary”

See how two pairs of brothers shaped the drama of OUTLANDER’s “The Hail Mary”!

There’s some relationship drama happening on Outlander and finally, it’s not between Claire and Jamie Fraser.

Outlander Season 2 Episode 12, “The Hail Mary,” took some time to focus in on secondary character relationships that are shrouded in a darkness and brotherly bitterness of their own. First, Collum MacKenzie has descended on the Jacobite army in his final hours to give his last wishes and confront his brother, Dougal, one last time. We also meet Alex Randall and Mary Hawkins again and with Alex in his final hours, Black Jack Randall is forced into a precarious position.

A new featurette with episode writers Ira Steven Behr and Anne Kenney talk about the important connections between these two brother pairs, Graham MacTavish’s Emmy-worthy speech, and the brutal Black Jack moment on the screen that wasn’t in their script (but still worked really well to keep the character consistent.)

“The Hail Mary” proved to be a bit controversial as Murtagh replaced Jamie at Jack and Mary’s wedding and his short but beloved “Damn all Randalls” speech was thrown to the wayside, but we didn’t hate getting precious additional minutes with Murtagh, nor his sweet offer to marry Mary himself.

Outlander will have its season finale on July 9th, a 90-minute episode named after the book upon which the second season is based, “Dragonfly In Amber.”