THE PALADINS cover reveal, excerpt, and giveaway

Cover revealed for THE PALADINS, enter the giveaway

The continuation of Julie Reece’s The Artisans series is soon to arrive- and the cover has just been revealed! Book Two, titled THE PALADINS, will be released May 3, 2016 through Month9Books publishing. The newly released cover design can be seen below, along with the updated cover for the first book.

the paladinsthe artisans

Here is the book summary for the upcoming release:

The Artisan curse is broken. Souls trapped in a mysterious otherworld called The Void are finally released. Now, Raven Weathersby, Gideon Maddox, and Cole Wynter can finally move on with their lives…or so they thought. If the ancient magic is truly dead, then why are mystical fires plaguing Gideon at every turn? What accounts for Raven’s frightening visions of her dead mother? And who is the beautiful, tortured girl haunting Cole’s dreams?

Last year, a group of lonely teens sacrificed secrets, battled the supernatural, and faced their own demons to set one another free. Yet six months later, the heart of evil still beats within The Void. And the trio is forced to face the horrific truth: that their only way out is to go back in.

The Paladins completes this eerie YA Southern Gothic where loyalties are tested, love is challenged, and evil seeks them on the ultimate battlegrounds—in their minds, their souls, and their hearts.

Read an excerpt from THE PALADINS below:

The Before
It’s been four years since I planted the fireworks in Gideon Maddox’s locker that burned a third of his face.
Four years since his father took revenge, trapping me with a spell that kept me prisoner in The Void.
Three months since the magic found me again.
Two months since my parents put me in therapy.
One day since my parents left for Paris on a month long business tour.
This morning, a mysterious girl no one else can see beckoned again from The Void.
Tonight, I’m standing on the balcony of my parent’s palatial home, buying an airline ticket back to the states—back to Maddox mansion—the heart of my nightmares.
People say the more things change the more they stay the same. I hate them for being right. I lived with the monsters in my prison until I thought I might go mad. Repentant of my past, I made peace with my fate, my eternity. Until the day I was freed, because a stranger had the courage to help.
This time someone needs me.
How can I doom a girl to a fate I barely escaped?
There’s only one answer.
I can’t.
Excerpt continued HERE.
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