Pandemonium scene in the making for SHADOWHUNTERS

Pandemonium scene in the making for SHADOWHUNTERS

I wanted to wait for a good amount of images from director McG before posting about the actors of Shadowhunters, but this one just couldn’t wait. Or at least, I couldn’t wait to post it. It’s just such an awesome picture of the rehearsal for the unforgettable Pandemonium scene.

From this picture, you can be excited about a few things already. First off, parabatai! Yes, Dominic Sherwood and Matthew Daddario are looking amazing as the demon hunting duo that have a bond stronger than brothers. They look fantastic!

Secondly, even if it’s just the lighting, if Dominic’s hair isn’t colored to look more blond, I think I’m okay with what he has already. He looks the part of Jace either way. Matthew looks perfect as Alec, even a bit taller than Jace, and I’m okay with that, too.

Third, that brightness of red hair in the background from Kat McNamara is so awesome, I’m loving it all.

Fourth, no Isabel in this picture, but it’s too soon to say that she isn’t in it at all.

And if you haven’t seen some of the other pictures lately from some of the cast members, it looks like they’re having a great time together, even having a few dinners with new and arriving cast members, like Harry Shum, Jr. and Maxim Roy.