PANIC Receives Starred Review from Kirkus

Panic has received a wonderful starred review from Kirkus Reviews. It’s really got us even more hyped up for the series!

Read it below the cut!

Oliver makes a white-knuckle return to realism that will have readers up until the wee hours.

They’ll be desperate to learn who will win—and even more importantly, who will survive—Panic, a secret game that pits player against player in mental and physical challenges designed to push them to the breaking point. Heather Nill never planned to play, but with a broken heart and nothing to lose, once she’s in, nothing is going to keep her from walking away with the $67,000 prize. Desperate to get out of Carp, N.Y., and determined to protect her sister Lily, Heather puts her life on the line time and again for a shot at a brighter future. Dodge Mason is playing for revenge, and he knows exactly how he is going to get it. After years of planning, nothing, not even the promise of new love, is going to stand in his way. Dodge is going to use the game to right an unforgiveable wrong, even if it kills him. Set in a town so run-down the grit is practically palpable, the book makes suspension of disbelief easy. Readers will understand how the deliberately built characters would and could do just about anything for a shot at getting out.

The only thing more terrifying than the game itself is not getting the chance to play it. (Thriller. 14 & up)

By Kait

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