PAPER TOWNS Movie Trailer: Discover Quentin and Margo’s Journey

After much anticipation, the PAPER TOWNS movie trailer is finally here!

John Green made an appearance on the TODAY Show this morning to unveil the PAPER TOWNS movie trailer (and he didn’t even puke on Matt Lauer like he predicted he would!) And yes, the trailer is just as exciting as you hoped it would be!

Check out Quentin and Margo’s story from childhood neighbors grown distant, to the fateful night in which they seek redemption and adventure, to Margo’s disappearance and Quentin’s search.

We’re thankful that the trailer is nearly 3 minutes long and takes the time to go through the story in full. It’s not only about trying to get the girl or the adventure, it’s about broadening your understanding for other people. the trailer reflects that nicely.

PAPER TOWNS hits theaters on July 24, 2015.

What did you think of the first PAPER TOWNS movie trailer?