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Participate in Fan Project for Jensen and Danneel Ackles, Plus Organizer Interview

How would you express your appreciation for SUPERNATURAL stars Jensen and Danneel Ackles?

If you’re in the Supernatural fandom–or any fandom–you know that there are some bad apples out there who are set on poisoning whatever they can touch. But who says their voices have to be louder than the ones that profess nothing but respect and love?

Fan Amy Cheron is one of the good apples. So much so that she formulated a project to combat the negativity that has, unfortunately, found its way to the Ackles this year. But she needs your help to make her idea thrive.

In December of this year, Amy will be attending a Supernatural convention in Jacksonville, Florida. When she sees Jensen (Danneel is not scheduled to attend), she plans to gift him a “Binder of Love” full of fan support for both him and his wife.

A mock-up of the cover for the binder (via Amy’s Twitter)

The Fandom contacted Amy to learn more about her process in managing the “Binder of Love” project:

Which types of submissions have you received, and which types are you still hoping to get?

I have received mostly letters from people. And one person sent in a piece of art for it, which looks really cool. I am hoping to receive more artwork from people. I really want to see the different types of styles people have and their creativity… Also, I would like to receive some more single-addressed letters for either Danneel or Jensen. I’ve gotten a lot of letters addressed to the both of them…but it would be good to have some letters that are just for Danneel or just for Jensen…to get some variety.

Is there anything specific you want fans to know about your project?

I want fans to know that this project is all about us showing our love and appreciation for Danneel and Jensen–whatever [fans] choose to send in, whether it’s big or small, or a letter or artwork. Anything that tells [the Ackles] how much we love and care about them is great. Because this project is…trying to cancel out the hate…and show Danneel and Jensen that there are way more people who love them and want to support them.

Danneel and Jensen sharing a scene in SUPERNATURAL’s season 14 premiere (via Entertainment Weekly)

So, how can you get involved in the “Binder of Love” project?

  1. Write a letter, create a drawing or painting, share a photo-op–pretty much anything goes–in honor of Jensen, Danneel, or both.
  2. Send your final products (as many as you like!) to by December 3rd, 2018.
  3. Spread the word and get other fans to participate!

Follow Amy on Twitter and keep an eye on her fandom blog!

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3 replies on “Participate in Fan Project for Jensen and Danneel Ackles, Plus Organizer Interview”

Thank you so much Lara for writing this, I appreciate it a lot. Also you did an amazing job writing it, it’s so good and so well written. I absolutely love it.

You’re so welcome, Amy! I’m so glad you’re pleased with how it turned out!

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