Participate In SUPERNATURAL Fan Project SPN BDAY 2018, Plus Organizer Interview

How would you express your love for your favorite fictional character(s)?

The fandom life in 2018 can be tough. There’s a lot of anger and hate floating around. But there is also love. Today, a group of Supernatural fans invite you to focus on the positive side of the fandom, not the negative.

Just in time for Supernatural‘s 13th birthday (the pilot aired on September 13, 2005), SPN BDAY 2018 encourages fans to express their love of a character or group of characters through any medium they wish: drawings, paintings, letters, and more. Once all the fanart is collected, it will be immortalized on a blog for all to see and hand-delivered to the Supernatural cast!

The start of a storyboard for the booklet that will be given to the cast.

Supernatural fan Axy notes that she “had the idea of [SPN BDAY 2018], but it became a group thing extremely quickly.” She says that she “wouldn’t have attempted [the project]on [her]own, but [her]core group of friends within the family took the idea and made it what it is.” A group of people coming together for the same cause is a great reflection of the good that lives within the SPN Family. When deciding the details for the project, Axy explains, “letters to the actors were the easy option, but we chose to go for something different to shift the focus back to the show only.”

The storyboard continues.

To showcase the motivation and goals from SPN BDAY 2018, The Fandom interviewed its organizers.

What made you want to be a part of SPN BDAY 2018?

Doris It seemed such a uniquely imaginative way of letting the cast know that the characters to whom they gave birth, are so beautifully crafted, that they’ve had a real-life impact on many of us. I see [the characters]as a microcosm of reality. I see family, loyalty, betrayal, disappointment, friendship, love, laughter and all the aspects of human nature; good, bad, ugly, and the truly evil (without the vampires). 

KathyAt a time when social media makes everything visible to the world, we can’t help but wonder how much of the hurt and negative reaches our cast. This project, directed toward the characters, rather than the actors, is very unique and we hope our love shines through.

MikaWhat made me want to be a part of SPN BDAY 2018 was the people involved in it. We have a great group of the nicest and funniest people I’ve ever seen in the SPN Family.

StephanieI wanted to be part of the project because I adore Supernatural, its characters, stories, cast, crew, and writers.

EllieIn all of the fandoms I’ve been a part of, I haven’t seen a cast who has a relationship with fans like the Supernatural cast does. That isn’t something we want to throw away, so I have decided that I want to give something back to the cast and the writers for all they have done for us.

What do you hope the Supernatural fandom gains from participating in SPN BDAY 2018?

JennieI worry that many reasonable, loving fans feel shouted down, if not downright intimidated, and are reluctant to participate in some of the more fun, communal aspects that should exemplify this fandom. To me, that’s tragic. I hope that this project will encourage them to a) find their creative voice and b) feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Every fan deserves to share in that experience.

Natasha I very much hope that this will be a truly positive fandom project! Unfortunately there is a minority of negativity [in the SPN Family], but I believe you can counter the negative with beautiful, positive actions.

What else would you like to stress about the project and/or the SPN Family?

Taylor: You have complete creative freedom. Draw, paint, write. Whatever best expresses your love to a character, we want to see it. No one will be turned away; everything will be used. Which I suppose is very reminiscent of what I’d like to tell the SPN Family: we are here, and you are welcome, as you always have been.

CarrieWhile this project is being given to the cast and crew as a way to show our love and appreciation for them and what they’ve given us, it’s not about them specifically. It’s about the characters… It is about what we love and admire about a specific character or a group of characters… What about [the characters]makes us think, makes us feel, makes us want to learn more, and what inspires us.

Ready to get involved yet?

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