Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed performances from Breaking Dawn Part 2 Fan Camp

The final fan camp was definitely a weekend to remember.  I was lucky enough to meet Stephenie Meyer in person and get a personalized autograph from her.  I really didn’t know what to say at that moment because they only give you a few moments with her, but it was still nice to actually meet her.  She is truly a lovely woman.

I did state before there was a concert that included Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed, and I was able to record their performance on my phone.  Obviously, it’s not the best recording since I’m too far away from the stage to get a good visual on them, but you should be able to hear the songs well enough.
The first song was performed solo by Nikki, which she stated she was very, very nervous about.  I can say that I was impressed, really.  She already has a beautiful speaking voice, so it should be no surprise that she has a beautiful singing voice as well.


The second song, I believe, is part of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack, title “All I’ve Ever Needed.”


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