Peeta Confronts Katniss In Newly Released THE HUNGER GAMES Deleted Scene

THE HUNGER GAMES deleted scene shows a sweet Katniss/Peeta moment!

When The Hunger Games 4-Film Collection hits shelves next month, there will be oodles of never-before-seen footage, including a whopping thirteen deleted scenes from the original film in the franchise. However, you can watch the first of these now!

Popsugar released a deleted scene featured in the collection. It shows Peeta confronting Katniss, asking her why she helped him show off his strength in front of the Careers in the training center. Meanwhile, Haymitch listens on with a drink in hand.

Click the photo below to watch!

hunger games deleted scene

Looking at the clip, it’s crazy to remember just how young Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson were when the series began. This clip was probably cut because Peeta’s aid to Katniss is covered in two other scenes in the film and the respect between the two is clearly noted throughout the movie, so it was a bit repetitive.

The Hunger Games 4-Film Collection hits shelves on March 22, 2016.

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