Peter Capaldi Coming To DOCTOR WHO Young Adult Spin-off CLASS

When Doctor Who‘s first spin-off heads to television this fall, you can expect a familiar face in its midst!

The Guardian is reporting that sources close to Class, the project led by acclaimed young adult fantasy writer Patrick Ness, have confirmed an appearance by none other than The Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi!

Class follows the adventures of teenagers attending the fictional Coal Hill school in Shoreditch, which has been part of Doctor Who‘s mythology since the very first episode. In ‘The Day Of The Doctor’ 50th anniversary special, companion Clara Oswald was teaching at the school. The show promises “action, heart and adrenalin” as the students deal with “growing up in Britain, but with monsters.”

BBC3 will be airing eight 45-minute episodes of Class online toward the end of the year, after which the show will make its way to BBC1 and BBC2. At this time, plans to air the show internationally have not been announced, though we expect it will happen.


By Molly

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