Peter Jackson and Phillipa Boyens on MORTAL ENGINES Adaptation

MORTAL ENGINES Producer and Co-producer Peter Jackson and Phillipa Boyens talk about the changes they made in adapting the book to screen.

The creators behind The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series are at it again with bringing Philip Reeve’s traction cities to life on the big screen with Mortal Engines. In the featured video, Peter Jackson and Phillipa Boyens give some insight into what it was that they talked through to get the movie going, including the fact that it took about 10 years from when they started work on adapting the book to film.

One reason that people are likely to understand why it took 10 years to make was that they were given the opportunity to make The Hobbit, which took about six years of their lives to make before they could continue on Mortal Engines. For that reason, they came to the conclusion to age up main protagonists Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan) and Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar) which they found was compatible with the adult themes and storyline. (True, though we wouldn’t have minded if they decided to keep Tom’s and Hester’s ages to 15-16, especially considering The Hunger Games movies were able to age them down

In regards to the main protagonist, Hester Shaw, fans of the books know that Hester’s facial disfigurement is much more hideous in the description of it. In the movie, we’ve already seen in the trailers that Hester’s disfigurements are bad, but they’ not bad in a way that could distract from Hera Hilmar’s performance.

Being that the books were published back in 2004, it does make sense that Jackson admitted to not having sought advice from author Phiip Reeve. It was Reeve’s first book and in fact, Jackson stated that Reeve was fine with the changes they had made in the film.

As for continuing with the series, well, that really does depend on how well this first movie does. From that point, it would be up to the studio, in this case, Universal Pictures, on whether they can adapt the second book.

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Mortal Engines rolls into theaters December 14th.

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