Peter Jackson’s Trolling Hits New Levels In Video With Peter Capaldi

Peter Jackson teases Doctor Who, The Silmarillion, and more in new video!

There are always plenty of rumors about famous Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit director Peter Jackson is doing next.. besides trolling fans about what he’s potentially doing next! In a video released on his Facebook page this weekend, Peter took those rumors and teases to another level!

The funny homemade number shows Peter Jackson and his 19-year-old daughter Katie sitting at the table, where he is ever-so-casually polishing his Oscars as they discuss all the rumors and possibilities. That’s when Doctor Who himself, Peter Capaldi, sneaks up to have a chat with Peter, who has been rumored as a possible director lined up for next season. The Doctor is eventually chased away by a Dalek before he can get Jackson to sign his contract, but not before raising some serious questions for fans. Peter and Katie are mostly confused, however, and simply move on to fangirling The Walking Dead!

Click below to watch!

video link

Beside the Academy Awards and The Hobbit mug, there’s one other be trollish prop in the video: A bookmarked copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, a collection of mythic stories published after the author’s death. Fans have had mixed feelings about Jackson directed a movie or television series based on the book, but it’s seemed like a possibility for years now– assuming the Tolkien family is willing to hand over the rights.

Still, with all the hints and rumors involved, Peter Jackson manages to confirm absolutely nothing. Is he playing off rumors? Is he starting his own? Or are these hints at actual things to come? Will we ever know?!

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