Philip Pullman Releases New HIS DARK MATERIALS Short, THE COLLECTORS

THE COLLECTORS tells the story of two art collectors in the HIS DARK MATERIALS universe whose pieces “are connected in mysterious and improbable ways.”

Philip Pullman has released an exclusive Christmas short inspired by the world of the beloved HIS DARK MATERIALS series via! The tale is narrated by award-winning, critically acclaimed British actor Bill Nighy (HARRY POTTER, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN).

Set in the Senior Common Room of an Oxford college on a dark winter’s night, The Collectors follows the conversation of a pair of new characters, Horley and Grinstead, as they discuss two new works of art that Horley has added to his collection. Little do they know that these pieces are connected in mysterious and improbable ways, and that both of them are about to be caught in the crossfire of a story that has travelled through time and between worlds.

THE COLLECTORS is free to all Audible UK members. You MUST sign up for the site in order to listen to the story. It marks Pullman’s first HIS DARK MATERIALS short since the release of ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE NORTH in 2008.

Laurence Howell of Audible says the story is a wonderful holiday pick:

“We are delighted to be able to offer our listeners another glimpse into the spellbinding world of the His Dark Materials trilogy. The Collectors is a perfect story for the Christmas season, written by a master of storytelling and narrated by the mellifluous voice of Bill Nighy. We love it and can’t wait to share it with our listeners.”

THE COLLECTORS is available now!