Pick the Name of 4th Narnia Movie Villain!

In a very unique (but in my opinion, super cool!) move, the makers of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair have created the opportunity for a fan to decide the name of the movie’s main villain, who in the novel is known only as The Lady of the Green Kirtle, the Queen of Underland and the Queen of the Deep Realm.  Here are more details:


We are inviting Narnia lovers everywhere to take on a simple challenge – write a name for Lewis’ character that will be used in the forthcoming The Silver Chair movie.  Being known only as The Lady of the Green Kirtle doesn’t make for easy dialog. We want to add a name for this character by which other characters can address her in the script. And, we’ve opened the door for anyone to submit a suggested name for this character.

It’s time to brainstorm Narnia fans!  Read full contest details and submit your name idea here!