Pierce Brown Q&A |MORNING STAR book tour at San Diego

Pierce Brown answers fans’ questions at the San Diego stop of his Morning Star book tour

Pierce Brown has been having a pretty stellar few years, writing up three amazing books the are the Red Rising Trilogy, the last one just having been released this week.  Luckily, I was able to see him when he stopped by San Diego for the Morning Star book tour, which happened to be the release day of the book as well.  His presence filled the seats and it had become a standing room event for half the crowd that showed up at the small independent Mysterious Galaxy book store   And it was worth it to see this man talk about his book.  You could tell he was very proud of it, as well he should be.

Watch the video to see what he got to share with us:

  • :00 – On the process of writing and sending out a query letter
  • 2:01 – On realizing he wanted to be an author
  • 3:45 – On his next project
  • 3:57 – On the screenwriting process of Red Rising
  • 7:15 – On the “poetic-ness” of the book
  • 9:15 – On which character he’d most be scared to meet
  • 10:10 – On which character he wouldn’t want to be or live as
  • 11:25 – On his ideal casting for the movie version
  • 13:25 – On the process of getting Red Rising adapted for film
  • 16:12 – On inspiration of Darrow
  • 17:47 – On his work in politics having an influence in his books
  • 19:28 – On his characters’ end games
  • 21:03 – On inspiration of Sevro
  • 22:15 – On the plans for Darrow’s carving/physical change in the movie version
  • 23:05 – On envisioning the Golds
  • 25:16 – On his favorite quotes from the books
  • 25:57 – On experiential brainstorming 

I was one of the lucky few that actually got to read the book before the release day (Thank you Penguin Random House!) and was able to actually talk to him about it, specific scenes that I loved and cried about, when he was signing my book.  I was thankful for the consoling hug he gave me, because he knew I couldn’t really talk about it to anyone else, and I left the event feeling blissful.

So, if he’s ever in your area, take the chance to meet him in person.

Morning Star is now on sale.

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