Pierce Brown’s IRON GOLD Cover and Plot Revealed

The cover for the new trilogy by Pierce Brown has been revealed and we’re freaking out for 2017, because Darrow and Mustang are back!

The year 2016 has been a tough one and we’ve been looking forward to the new year for a while, however, now that the cover for Pierce Brown‘s new book, we’re doubly excited for 2017! Behold, Iron Gold!

The cover is beautiful, however, it brings some questions to mind. Here’s what Pierce had to say in his interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The book picks up 10 years later, correct? What’s the state of the galaxy?
Yes. And the solar system is in turmoil. The new Solar Republic, led by Darrow and Mustang, has replaced the Society on Mars, Earth, and Luna, and is locked in an existential struggle with the remaining Golds of the Core. A decade-long peace still exists between the Republic and the Golds of the Rim worlds, but something stirs in the darkness out beyond the asteroid belt.

How will Darrow and Mustang factor into this new story — or not?
Both will be integral characters. They’re barely into their mid-30s, so I’d wager they have a few more tricks up their sleeves.

What can you tell us about this trilogy’s hero and POV?
There are four heroes, if we want to use that word flexibly. Darrow is a POV character. You will recognize one of the others. But two are brand new faces.

What should we make of the title Iron Gold?
The term “Iron Gold” refers to the original Gold conquerors; the founders of Society who were infinitely tougher, smarter, and more brutal than their descendants would become after 700 years of rule. It is an ideal that many of the former ruling class wish to bring back in their fight against the Rising.

Read more of the interview here.

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