Pierce Brown’s IRON GOLD Pushed to 2018

Fans of Pierce Brown’s Red Rising trilogy were ecstatic when they learned Brown was creating a sequel series to his bestselling trilogy. But some sad news came for Howlers today: the first book of the new series will be pushed back to 2018.

Here’s what Brown had to say on Facebook today:

Hey Howlers,

I have news that I know will disappoint many of you. I’ve just been notified that IRON GOLD, which was originally scheduled for an August 2017 release, has now been pushed back to January 2018. There are a variety of factors that contributed to the shift in date–the chief factor being that my editor and I are not yet satisfied that the book has reached its full potential. We could rush it out, but the reason I undertook this new trilogy was to create something that is superior to the original Red Rising Trilogy, not a slapdash rendering that tries to capitalize on the first trilogy’s success.

Iron Gold is larger in scope, longer in page count, and more complicated in plot and character construction that any book I’ve yet attempted. This means I need a bit more time.

I know this doesn’t make up for the disappointment of moving it out, so I’ve prepared a special excerpt exclusively for you Howlers as a sort of laurel peace offering.

To get the excerpt (and other updates on the Red Rising Saga) sign up at www.redrisingbook.com or www.piercebrownbooks.com

The excerpt will be sent out next week to those signed up for the newsletter.

Much love & per aspera ad astra


(edit: thank you for your kind response to this. I was a little nervous about posting the delay, but you guys have just made me more excited to work on it)

Now, as much as we want our hands on this book, the last thing we want is for an author to publish something that’s not right just because of a deadline. So if it means a more epic and extraordinary novel, we will suffer through the wait of a few extra months. After all, it’s always nice to see how much an author cares about the story, rather than just the publication.

And we must add that as huge fans of the trilogy, if Brown is setting out to create something even better, we are not about to try to hold him back.

Are you willing to wait a few extra months for something amazing? Let us know in the comments!

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