Pixar releases LOU Poster for its next animated short

A poster for a new Pixar animated short named LOU features a little monster that hides in plain sight and will likely make your heart melt.

Pixar released a poster for their latest animated short, titled Lou, and although it seems like a simple little image, it’s bound to make you smile when you see the six-minute film. The story is about a little monster that hides in a Lost and Found box, hence the title (see featured image above to get the idea.)

This short is about an unseen monster who lives in a Lost and Found box. He takes the form of a bright red hoodie and has baseballs and buttons for eyes. But just because he’s a monster doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. In fact, Lou has this cute little creature standing up to a playground bully named J.J. After seeing this kid take his classmates’ stuff and destroying their beloved toys, Lou comes up with a plan to push back.

Check out the Lou poster below and see if you can spot him.

The animated short, which was directed by longtime Pixar animator Dave Mullins, will be shown in theaters as the companion film to Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3, which arrives in theaters June 16th.


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