Pixar Theory: How All Disney/Pixar Movies Are Interconnected

Social media manager and Pixar enthusiast Jon Negroni has come up with a zany yet pretty mind-blowing theory on how all of the Disney/Pixar films are interconnected, and not just by the “Easter eggs” included in each film.


Here’s the gist, as summed up by Movies.com

A quick summation: Negroni sees Brave as the first and last movie in the timeline and argues that the witch from the 2012 film — about a young girl in the Scottish Highlands who seeks independence — sparked a population of intelligent animals. This action set up a power struggle in the future films between humans, animals and machines.

Negroni’s theory is intense, but it’s also an extremely amusing read! Check out his essay here and check out the Cracked.com video that inspired him here!