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Poll: We Fancast the SHADOW & BONE Series, You Pick


Odeya Rush
Odeya has done book adaptations before, most recently Netflix’s Dumplin’, but she’s deserving of being the main protagonist. She can carry a series and she has a vulnerable look that can turn fierce when necessary and that’s the kind of look that works for a character like Alina.

Elle Fanning
This girl has range! She’ll be able to accurately come Alina from her meeker days, through her learning phase, and into the powerful “Saint” that the Ravkans see. We’d love to see her bring her acting skills to a fantasy adventure.

Anya Taylor-Joy
I just saw her in Split and Glass and she was wonderful in both, plus she has a wonderfully unique look about her that hints at the awkwardness that Alina emanates throughout the story. It’s nice that she can also pull off both the brunette and blonde look.

Yes, Zendaya is an unusual choice considering she doesn’t quite fit the description of Alina, however, Leigh has hinted that they would like to be more diverse with the main characters, and I believe Zendaya would be up for the challenge.

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Okay Katherine frickin Langford is the only person who can and is allowed to play this role. Like no contest. I knew she was in 13 Reasons Why but I never actually saw that show, but I just saw her (for the first time on screen) in Knives Out and she is IT. She’s a freaking goddess and we will not accept less. She’s got the hair! Th body! The beauty! The only thing is too bad her eyes aren’t green but WHATEVER! Blue is close enough or give her contacts! She is Nina end of discussion :)))))))))))

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