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Poll: We Fancast the SHADOW & BONE Series, You Pick


Noah Centineo
I just watched “To all the boys I’ve loved before” again and paid careful attention to Noah to see if I could picture him as Mal, and I think he definitely has the means to pull off the cocky tracker soldier that Mal is at the beginning of the story. I also think he has the ability to show Mal’s vulnerable side.

Liam James
We’ve pretty much watched Liam James grow up on screen, but he’s really coming into his own these days. If the cast stays closer to the actual character ages, he’d be great to portraying Mal’s earnest, competency, and vulnerability.

Israel Broussard
Israel is a chameleon of sorts. I’ve seen him as the likeable boy-next-door Josh in TATBILB, and I’ve seen him as the dark-spirited James in Fear the Walking Dead. He’s played so many different types of characters convincingly that I believe he could do justice playing Mal.

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Okay Katherine frickin Langford is the only person who can and is allowed to play this role. Like no contest. I knew she was in 13 Reasons Why but I never actually saw that show, but I just saw her (for the first time on screen) in Knives Out and she is IT. She’s a freaking goddess and we will not accept less. She’s got the hair! Th body! The beauty! The only thing is too bad her eyes aren’t green but WHATEVER! Blue is close enough or give her contacts! She is Nina end of discussion :)))))))))))

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