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Potter Puppet Pals Return in Harry and the Potters Music Video

Earlier this month we shared the details of Harry and the Potters’ return with their new politically-charged album Lumos, which focuses on the events of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as Harry and his friends fight back against a xenophobic, authoritarian regime.

Welp, it turns out they’re bringing ALL THE NOSTALGIA with them!

First off, folk artist and major nerd culture contributor Kimya Dawson is joining them for their first single, “Where Is Ron?” But that’s not all, folks– The music video for the song features none other than the Potter Puppet Pals.

The song focuses on the tension and “teenage yearning” between Harry and Hermione during the time Ron is missing from the horcrux search and camping hideaway. It seems to suggest some unwritten feelings between Harry and Hermione that we VERY MUCH DISAGREE WITH— Team Ron and Hermione all day, every day. At least the inclusion of the Potter Puppet Pals makes it amusing to consider!

Watch the video at the top of the post.

Harry and the Potters are heading out on an extensive library tour to support Lumos, out tomorrow, so check it out to see if they’ll be in your area.

By Kait

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