Pottermore Redesigns HARRY POTTER Sorting Hat Quiz

Don’t freak out, Harry Potter fans, but the Hogwarts house you’ve claimed on Pottermore for the past four years might be a total lie.

When Pottermore launched in April 2012, the fans were faced with a quiz that served as their Sorting Hat, placing them in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. Many users were shocked to end up in totally different houses than they expected. After years of believing yourself a Gryffindor, how could you possibly be a Slytherin? How could someone with a perfectly good Hufflepuff cosplay end up in Ravenclaw?

There’s a rumored reason for this, a caveat in the quiz results: Because of the House Cup competition on the site, the four houses had to remain relatively even in numbers. Thus, some people were placed in houses that actually didn’t fit them best to keep the numbers in tact.

This new quiz allegedly puts everyone in the the Hogwarts house that’s truest to their answers, regardless of the number of participants in each house.

But don’t panic to much! It seems that many folks are finding themselves in the same Hogwarts house they were previously placed in, though there are certainly some transfers in the bunch. And if you love your house right now, then we suppose this new quiz can be avoided all together!

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By Molly

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