Pottermore update: Peeves the Poltergeist

With every new addition to Pottermore, the more exciting behind-the-scenes information is revealed. The Pottermore Insider promises that the next few chapters in The Chamber of Secrets will bring new information about our favorite poltergeist, Peeves.

In Chapter Eight, at the Deathday Party, you will be able to unlock brand new material on Peeves the disruptive poltergeist.

Have you ever wondered how Peeves gets away with causing so much havoc? Maybe you’ve been wondering about the other past caretakers who have had to endure Peeves’ troublemaking and the attempts made to control him? You’ll be able to learn all of this and more as J.K. Rowling shares information on poltergeists and the many antics of Peeves.

What chapter of Pottermore has been your favorite so far?