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Prepare To Be Thunderstruck By AGENT CARTER Season 2 Premiere Clips

AGENT CARTER Season 2 premiere clips are all flirting and flamingoes!

If you weren’t already readily anticipating the wild fun of Peggy Carter’s return to television, these Agent Carter Season 2 premiere clips will do the trick! They’re quick to remind of us just how witty the ABC show is, all while showing off its new setting with ease.

In the first clip, Peggy Carter and now-Director Daniel Sousa have to get creative to sneak into Isodyne Labs and get the answers they need for a case. But just when Peggy thinks she’s been caught mid-sneak by a doctor within, he poses an unexpected question.

Next up, we see Peggy first getting off the plane in Los Angeles and being greeted by another familiar face: Edwin Jarvis. However, Peggy’s attention gets sidetracked by another guest joining the Stark family as the newest member of the menagerie.

These looks into the premiere episode also remind us just how incredible the production design and costuming is for the show, taking us back to the noir era and making everything look great!

The Agent Carter Season 2 premiere comes to ABC on January 19, 2016.

agent carter season 2 premiere sneak peek

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