Princess of the Day: Aurora

  • Princess Aurora, of Sleeping Beauty fame is also known as Briar Rose, which was her name in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale.
  • Aurora means ‘sun’ or ‘dawn’ in Latin.
  • She was voiced by Mary Costa, a professional opera singer.
  • Her personality traits are listed as kind, friendly, respectful, responsible, obedient, polite, poised, shy and geneous!
  • The inspiration behind her character was Audrey Hepburn
  • Her eyes change colour – the first being black, while she is with the fairies, then after meeting Phillip, they are violet.
  • She’s the tallest Disney princess.
  • Aurora has only 18 minutes of screen time!

But the ultimate question is this…

Blue or Pink?

I’d say blue! What about you guys?