Producer Don Carmody Talks “Shadowhunters” TV Show


Don Carmody explains plans for Shadowhunters TV series  

When The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie was released in August of 2013, fans of the books were disappointed.  The film adaptation failed to provide a clear, entertaining portrayal of Cassandra Clare’s story and, as a result, earned little revenue.  Due to this, the studio behind the movie decided to take a different approach to the popular book series.

Producer Don Carmody has revealed his high hopes for the upcoming TV version of the books.  This television series, which, as of now, will consist of a book per season, has been renamed “Shadowhunters,” in order to keep the entire series equivalently named.  Like the movie, the most desirable location for the filming of the TV show would be Toronto, according to Carmody, and production is expected to begin this year.

“The story is so broad and the novels are so dense that we’re actually now talking about doing it as a limited series for television,” he explained.

the mortal instruments movie

At the start of the book, Clary Fray is just a normal teenage girl living in New York City.  She, along with her best friend, a boy named Simon, visits a popular teen club.  At this club, Pandemonium, Clary accidentally sees two boys and a girl kill a demon.  Surprisingly, no one but her seems able to see any of these events, and Simon finds her alone, though Clary argues that there were others there.  Later on, she sees one of the boys from Pandemonium again, Jace, who insists that Clary herself is, like him, a Shadowhunter.

Shadowhunters, he tells her, are a race of humans with angelic blood that hunt and kill demons.  Shocked and confused by what she has seen and heard, Clary returns to her apartment, only to find her mother missing and a frightening demon in her place.  The demon attacks Clary, who she manages to defeat it, but not without injury.  Clary is found, passed out on the floor, by Jace, who delivers her to the Institute, a safe haven for Shadowhunters in New York.  At the Institute, everything Clary had believed about her life is turned upside down as she finds new information about who she is.

Contrary to her belief, she isn’t a Mundane (the common term Shadowhunters use for us humans), and Clary must learn to make sense of this overload of information, find her mom, and recover a magical artifact, the Mortal Cup, before those who wish to abuse its power steal it away.  Enthralling and intense, City of Bones keeps readers on the edge of their seats at all times.


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