#ProjectReadathon: Read Free Books And Give To Save The Children

Now through World Book Day, your reading can help give books to kids in need!

Penguin Random House is taking your love for books and turning it into support for a great cause!

The publisher just introduced #ProjectReadathon, which offers readers various timed excerpts of several popular titles. You can sort the books by genre and available reading time, reading quick excerpts of several new books. If you’re uncertain about a title, it allows to to try before you buy. Plus, every excerpt you read helps Penguin Random House donate books to Save the Children, a charity that provides aid and services to children in developing countries!

#ProjectReadathon has a pretty impressive selection in its YA category, including upcoming books like Jennifer E. Smith‘s Windfall and Julie Buxbaum‘s What To Say Next, recent releases including Melissa de la Cruz‘s Alex and Eliza and Alwyn Hamilton‘s Traitor To The Throne, plus favorites including If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman.

Check out the full selection here!

The readathon runs from today through Sunday, April 23rd, which is World Book Day. That doesn’t leave you with too much time, so get reading, folks!

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