Propose Your SHADOW AND BONE Cast

Would Richard Madden be The Darkling in your Shadow and Bone Cast?

Well, this is pretty cool!  Leigh Bardugo blogged this on her Tumblr, and I have to say it’s an awesome way to propose an actor, actress, filmmaker for a book you’d want to be made into a movie.  The Imagine Film List, or The IF List, makes it possible for you to choose those already listed on you want to see made into a movie.  In Leigh’s case, that would be a Shadow and Bone cast, of course.  Pick your Shadow and Bone cast

You can even propose a story if you like, and you can get people to support it by having them click on the Support button for that story.

There are already some pretty cool choices for that of Alina, The Darkling, Genya, and Mal, but you can add your own if you wish, or you can click on one of those already listed.

Obviously, these choices are not official and fans see characters in different ways, and you may or may not agree with them, but that’s what makes fancasting so fun!  They even put my beautiful would-be boyfriend, Godfrey Gao, in there for The Darkling!


So, go to the IF List and choose who you think would best play Alina Starkov, or many of the other characters in the book.


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