Puns Take Over The Urban Jungle In ZOOTOPIA Poster

Can you handle the Urban Jungle?

In the world of Zootopia, animals don’t only walk and talk like humans. They also maintain a society comparable to our own, filled with cities and professions and brand name products galore, as evidenced by this new ‘Urban Jungle’ poster!

Can you spot all the brand names turned animal puns in this cheeky poster?


In case you missed it, Shakira’s character Gazelle is promoting Preyda (Prada), which has some competition across the street in an advertisement of Bearberry (Burberry). Looking for something more sporty? The poster also has a massive billboard for LuLu Lemmings (LuLu Lemon) and encourages you to “Just Zoo It”, a take in Nike’s infamous slogan.

There will never come a day when puns like this don’t amuse us.

On top of it all, the poster introduces a new tagline: “Welcome To The Urban Jungle”.

Disney’s Zootopia is out March 4, 2016.


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