Quentin And Friends Are “On A Mission” In New PAPER TOWNS Stills

New PAPER TOWNS graphics show Quentin and his friends “on a mission” to solve Margo’s puzzle.

As summer approaches, we’re getting an even better look at the movie adaptation of John Green’s PAPER TOWNS starring Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne! A handful of new stills decorated with snazzy quotes from the film have made it on the movie’s official social media. Take a look at Quentin, Angela, and Lacey “on a mission”, Q and Margo getting weird, Margo leaving clues, and Q, Ben, and Radar preparing to take risks!





One of the more noticeable changes from the stills is that Angela has joined the rest of the group on their impromptu road trip. Some fans have expressed unease with this book-to-movie change, but John Green is the first to remain everyone that some changes are totally okay in a new video. In fact, he says they’ll only make the movie better!

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