Quiz: Which PIXAR Characters Are You?


The fine folks over at are dedicated to everything and anything fandom related – Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Star Trek and loads more — but after the success of their ID card-producing Universal Fandom quiz, they’re looking to branch out and tackle Pixar, too. Similar to the Universal Fandom quiz, which requires you to answer a series of questions to determine which breed, species or house you belong to within each franchise or narrative, the Pixar quiz will use your answers to tell you which character you are in 10 different Pixar movies.

I don’t know how much I appreciate being likened to the witch from Brave, but I’m thrilled to fall in line with Toy Story’s Jessie, Remy from Ratatouille and Gill from Finding Nemo. Ready to find out who your Pixar counterparts are? In honor of the June 21 release of Monsters University, the Pixar quiz is officially live! Click here to give the quiz go and get your very own Pixar ID card.

Of course I took the quiz myself and this is what I got:



By Nat, the Geek Girl

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