Ragnor Fell has been cast for SHADOWHUNTERS series

Ragnor Fell will definitely be in ABC Family’s Shadowhunters

It was announced earlier today that Adam Kenneth Wilson has been cast to play warlock Ragnor Fell in the upcoming ABC Family series, Shadowhunters. If you recall, Ragnor Fell is a close friend to Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Fell held the title of High Warlock of London for a time before settling in the Shadowhunters’ homeland of Idris.

Art by Cassandra Jean

In the books, his warlock markings are his green skin, white hair, horns on his head, and his extra-jointed fingers. Despite his unusual looks, he used it to draw the attention of curious women, which was disclosed in the novella collection, The Bane Chronicles.  Even now, many fans find an attraction to him, even with his often grouchy demeanor.

Adam Kenneth Wilson may be more recognized in Canada for his role as Ace in the Canadian series, 24 Hour Rental. He was also the narrator for the sci-fi docu-drama Alien Mysteries.

There has not been any other details regarding how much Ragnor Fell will be seen in the series, but for readers, we know that he does play a significant factor regarding Clary’s mom, Jocelyn Fray.  Whether the story in the TV show is going to play out like the books, we don’t know.  But his presence in the series could mean that we’ll be getting more subplots and points of view than just Clary’s.

Source: ShadowhuntersTV