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We rank the YA Book-to-Movie Adaptations of 2018


Based on A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

Our thoughts:

  • This movie was fun and had an incredible cast and production design, but the pacing and plot were a little off, which took some magic out of the experience. – Molly, The Fandom
  • The visual effects were pretty, as well as the costumes for the three beings, but the overall story was just okay. – Natasha, The Fandom
  • I wanted to love this more than I did. I think seeing a super large Oprah threw me a little! (lol) Still, it wasn’t bad. The fact that this was being turned into a movie made me go back and re-read the book I remember adoring as a child. – Flo, Book Nerds Across America


Based on The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Our thoughts:

  • I think Amandla brought a vulnerability to the character that was really tangible. I think her character as a protagonist was a little underwhelming for me, but I do like the story and the world the author created. – Miranda, Hollywood News Source @HNewsSource
  • While the plot was remarkably close to the books, there wasn’t as much tension. I loved some characters, like Amandla as Ruby and Skylan as Chubbs, but really struggled with how dramatic and on-point Clancy– an endlessly intriguing character in the book series– wound up on screen. – Kait, The Fandom
  • The glowing eyes, while understandable to help see when people were using their powers, made it a little strange. I was missing some of my favorite parts from the book, but still had the overall feelings. I was still rooting for Ruby and terrified when she was in danger. – Ellie, @ Reader Gonna Read

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