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We rank the YA Book-to-Movie Adaptations of 2018


Based on Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

Our thoughts:

  • Oh, Dumplin’! I didn’t expect to get so emotional over this movie, but it hit me hard with its take on loss and moving on. On top of that, we saw so much body positivity, hilarious drag queens, and southern charm. I DO wish we saw a little more of the romance, but I really enjoyed the story and characters. – Kait, The Fandom
  • They did a great job with this movie! The book and movie were both about a girl who wants to prove that weight can’t slow you down. She learns her own lessons about acceptance along the way, both when it comes to herself and others. I love the different characters in this story, though I was missing the romance from the book. – Ellie, @ Reader Gonna Read
  • Dumplin’ was a really fun movie to watch. I loved the Dolly Parton music incorporated into the movie and I thought it was very faithful to the book. – Leslie, The Fandom


Based on The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily Danforth

Our thoughts:

  • I really enjoyed this film. I love indie films and I hadn’t seen all of the insane practices of conversion therapy in film before. It was really eye opening, and had a lot of great themes. – Miranda @HNewsSource
  • I loved this movie. All I can say is wow. And that Chloe Grace Moretz is one of the most talented actors out there right now. She shines in this film, delivering an achingly beautiful performance that really carried the film, even when the plot meandered. – Molly, The Fandom
  • This story was very important. With that said, I had some trouble staying invested during parts of the story, and understanding exactly what happened. I kept expecting more from the story. Maybe it was just too realistic for my personal preference with this type of tale.
    – Ellie, @ Reader Gonna Read

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