Ranking of The Creatures of Narnia from Cute to Ugly

Cute to Ugly: Creature Rankings

When it was published on the 16th of October, 1950 The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe opened the door to a magical world full of fantastic talking animals. C.S. Lewis included in his books talking animals, creatures of myth and animals he created. This is a ranking of such creatures from ones you want to hug to ones you don’t want to meet in a dark alley based up the 2005 movie.

16. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver are two of the cutest animals in the whole of Narnia. They are also loyal to a fault and help the Pevensie children to get to Aslan.


12. As this ranking is based upon the 2005 movie the ranking for the wolf makes sense. If you have watched the 1988 BBC mini-series/movie you will understand that the wolves should be ranked as -2,000 on the cuteness scale. The jump scare from Maugrim still gives me nightmares 10 years later.


10. Dryads are some of the most magical animals in the whole of Narnia. They are some of my favourite creatures. Considering I have an oak tree in my back garden I always imagined there was a beautiful creature inside it.


9. A Faun is the first creature which we meet in the land of Narnia. Mr. Tumnus has the upper body of a man and the legs and feet of a goat. It doesn’t hurt that he can play the pipes well enough to make the fire move like a movie.


To see the rest of the list go to MTV News.


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