Ransom Riggs Reveals Cover for Library of Souls

Ransom Riggs shares the cover for the third installment to his Miss Peregrine’s series, Library of Souls, on Entertainment Weekly.

Earlier this year, we got a peek into the third novel when Riggs shared an excerpt. Now, he’s sharing the cover!

Check it out!

Library of Souls

During the reveal, Riggs also talks some more about what we can expect with this new book!

EW: Can you tell us a bit of what Library of Souls will be about?

RR: The end of Hollow City left the peculiar children in a very precarious spot, and that’s just where Library of Souls begins. Jacob has just discovered he has a powerful new ability, and he and Emma, a hot-tempered peculiar with fire at her fingertips, must rescue their friends from a heavily-guarded fortress. But to get there they’ll have to survive Devil’s Acre, a wretched, Victorian-era slum populated by murderers, thieves, and the peculiar criminals who live there in exile. It’s the thickest of the three books, and is filled with more characters, more world-building, and more action than the other novels combined.

He goes on to share that Library of Souls took about a year and a half to write and why that was, as well as some other cool stuff, like new characters and visiting the set of the Miss Peregrine film!

To read the full interview, you can check out the EW website!



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