REACHED Challenge: Share Your Artifact!

Did you know that the Matched Trilogy has its own Pinterest board filled with “artifacts” you might see in the series?

Now, Penguin Teen is challenge fans to pick their favorite artifact and make it their own! Here’s how:

  1. Pick an artifact from the Matched Trilogy Pinterest board
  2. Write a short story about that artifact that is no more than 400 words in length
  3. Post the photo of the artifact and your story on your blog, Tumblr, Facebook, etc to spread the love!

Here’s our take on one of the items, which turned out as a mini-fanfic from Cassia’s POV:

Matched Trilogy Artifact Challenge

The concept was as beautiful as it was dangerous: metal scissors in the shape of a bird, its beak poised to cut through the silence. It opened with a slight creak and closed with a gentle snipping sound, creating a new song for a new life. A birdsong that dared us to glide away from the ideals of the Society, to create our own way of thinking.

I knew as I cut into the paper, pouring my soul and my passions into each dip and curve of the design, that I could be that bird. I could fly into the night and leave the Society and the Rising behind me, if only I could take the people I love with me. I realize know how we might survive on our own, free of the power struggle between two groups of strangers that are neither friend nor enemy. Together, who knows what new things we could create?

If you create a story of your own based on the artifacts, be sure to link to it in our comments!