Reached is Finally Here!

The Matched Trilogy has finally “Reached” it’s finale. Today is the day, Cassia fans, that we are able to get our hands on the third and final book of the series. With the release of each book, Ally Condie has posted something on her site.

(c) Brook Andreoli

Ally included a beautiful picture of “Reached” along a brick path in her “Reached” post. I love the charred wood along the path, and the fact that the road blurs into the wilderness and field at the end. Ally says the symbolism of the picture is perfect because we, the readers, are “…not entirely certain where the book is on the path–is it the beginning? the end? Both?”

This is such a bittersweet day! This may be the end of the journey for Cassia, Ky, Xander and all of our beloved characters… it may just be the beginning of something new for all of them! For the readers, I think that this can be the beginning of a wonderful journey and discovery of new words, lost poetry and self-discovery. Cheers to Ally Condie and cheers to all our fellow fans… ENJOY!!