Read a New LORD OF SHADOWS Snippet For Clary’s Birthday

A New LORD OF SHADOWS Snippet was just released from Cassandra Clare for Clary’s Birthday!

Cassandra Clare, the amazing author of the Shadowhunters world has just released a new snippet from Lord of Shadows. She released the snippet for Clary’s birthday.

The snippet features Emma and Clary having a serious talk.

She released some of it on her twitter then continued it onto her tumblr.

Clary, what are you not telling me?”

There was a long silence. Clary looked out toward the dark water, biting her lip. Finally, she spoke. “Jace asked me to marry him.”

“Oh!” Emma had already begun opening her arms to hug the other girl when she caught sight of Clary’s expression. She froze. “What’s wrong?”

Jace and Clary have been through many obstacles, and we know they love each other, so what could cause Clary to hesitate in saying “yes?” Cassandra obviously wants to mess with our heads as we don’t have the whole story. And she’s been successful in doing just that. However, what could have happened? And what exactly did she say to Jace when he asked? Oh, the torture!

Jace and Clary Tarot by Cassandra Jean

This snippet has definitely brought up many questions about Clary and Jace.

Lord of Shadows is set to come out Spring 2017.


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