Read An Excerpt From Nic Stone’s ODD ONE OUT

Courtney meets Rae in a new look at ODD ONE OUT!

Nic Stone is back this fall with her follow-up to the amazing Dear Martin! Her second book, Odd One Out, takes place in the Atlanta area and follows two lifelong friends– one gay, one straight– who fall for the same girl.

A new excerpt from EW is showing off the dynamics between Courtney and Jupiter, and how their vibe changes when Rae is added into the mix for the first time at a dinner party featuring each of their families.

Read it below:

Within sixty seconds of our dinner guests’ arrival, I know all is lost.

The moment we open the door, Jupe squeals—something I’ve neverheard her do before. Then she throws her arms around the girl on the other side of it.

The girl’s dad looks about as startled as I feel.

After the longest rocking hug I’ve ever witnessed, they let each other go. “You got your hair trimmed!” Jupe says, reaching out to touch it.

“Mmhmm. You like?”

“I love it. Though it makes you even prettier. Which is annoying.”

The girl snorts. “Peeked in a mirror lately?” Jupe blushes. Like full-on rosy cheeks.

What the hell is even happening right now?

“Hi, I’m Jupiter,” Jupe says, extending her hand to the girl’s father.

“Kenneth Chin,” he says with a smile. “It’s great to meet you, Jupiter. I swear you’re all Rae talks about these days.” Jupe looks like she just stumbled into an underground cave filled with enough gold to end world hunger. I take a quick glance around to make sure I’m still in my Earth house and not some whacked-out alternate-universe version of—


“You’re Rae?” I say. “As in the Rae?” Rae of the giggle- inducing text messages Rae?

Fuck you, universe.


Odd One Out hits bookshelves on October 9, 2018. You can preorder it now via Amazon or Indiebound!

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