Read an Excerpt from Sarah J. Maas’ CATWOMAN: SOULSTEALER

Check out an excerpt from Sarah J. Maas’ DC Icons book CATWOMAN: SOULSTEALER!

We all know Sarah J. Maas as YA’s resident fantasy queen, with her Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses series, but now she’s delving into the comic universe. Maas has written Catwoman: Soulstealer as a part of the DC Icons series, which also includes Marie Lu’s Batman: Nightwalker and Leigh Bardugo’s Wonder Woman: Warbringer. 

Catwoman: Soulstealer sees Selina Kyle return to Gotham City in disguise, while the city’s beloved Batman is out on a mission. Luke Fox, Batwing, is determined to show the city he can protect them while Batman is away. Selina now has to balance her growing connection to Luke with threats rising from her past, not to mention the heist of a lifetime she’s hoping to run.

EW has shared an exclusive excerpt from the novel, which you can check out below:

She was a ghost. A wraith.

Selina reminded herself of that little fact as she stood atop the stairs of the private jet, squinted into the blinding midday sun glinting off the hangars of the exclusive airfield, and got a faceful of late-August Gotham City stink.

That, at least, hadn’t changed in the past two years. But as for Selina herself . . .

The four-inch beige heels that clipped so nicely against the steps as she descended were just the start of the changes to her. The long golden-blond hair, the manicured nails, and the suntanned skin were the next. And then there was the perfectly tailored creamcolored linen suit, steamed for her by the flight attendant thirty minutes before landing. The portrait of unthreatening, carefree money.

No sign of the girl who’d ascended the stairs of this plane two years ago, bloody and battered. No sign of the girl who’d clawed and fought to keep her sister safe, keep her as healthy as could be expected—especially with Maggie now well cared for, living in a pretty house in the suburbs.

No sign of that girl at all.

Indeed, the resources of the League of Assassins had made these first steps back into Gotham City so much easier, clearing a path for all she’d arrived here to do. The League was bigger, more lethal, than any criminal organization in this city. A near myth. They answered to nobody and nothing, a veritable force of nature. Their goals were so much larger than financial profit. No, the League dealt in power—the sort that could alter countries, alter the world. The smart criminals were the ones who got out of their way. The smartest were those who bowed.

Read the rest of the excerpt here!

It’s exciting to see Maas’ signature style applied to a different genre, though the wait until the novel’s release on August 7th seems even longer now.

You can find out more about the DC Icons series here. And you can pre-order Catwoman: Soulstealer here.


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