Read Chapter One of Marissa Meyer’s FAIREST

THE LUNAR CHRONICLES fans have unlocked chapter one of FAIREST!

With just over three weeks to go before the official release of FAIREST, fans can discover how Queen Levana’s story began! Using the hashtags #Fairest and #GlamourYourself, fans of Marissa Meyer’s amazing sci-fi fairy tales retellings unleashed the full first chapter.

Here’s a little taste:

She was lying on a burning pyre, hot coals beneath her back. White sparks floated in her vision but the mercy of unconsciousness wouldn’t come. Her throat was hoarse from screaming. The smell of her own burning flesh invaded her nostrils. Smoke stung her eyes. Blisters burbled across her skin, and entire swaths of flesh peeled away, revealing raw tissue underneath.
The pain was relentless, the agony never ending. She pleaded for death, but it never came.

She reached out with her good hand, trying to drag her body from the fire, but the bed of coals crushed and collapsed under her weight, burying her, dragging her deeper into the embers and the smoke.

Through the haze she caught a glimpse of kind eyes. A warm smile. A finger curled toward her. Come here, baby sister . .

We already saw the surprisingly dark start when the first page was released a couple weeks ago, but the rest of the chapter focuses on the death of Levana’s parents and her relationship with her sister (who is a very important relation to another character in the series!)


FAIREST is out on January 27th. It is available for pre-order now.


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