Read An Excerpt From Feminist YA Novel MOXIE

What better way to get hooked into MOXIE by Jennifer Mathieu than reading an excerpt?

In forthcoming YA novel Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu, a girl named Viv “takes inspiration from her mother’s stories of the Riot Grrrl movement of the 90’s to start her own anonymous zine. This sparks a modern-day feminist revolution at her small-town Texas high school.” Check out an excerpt from Moxie where we get to know more about Viv!

The band plays its last notes as we stream out of the gym. I look back but Seth has been swallowed up by the crowd. I hope Seth Acosta is not the sort of guy who would wear a shirt that reads Great Legs—When Do They Open? He could look as hot as a young Ralph Macchio in The Outsiders, but I still wouldn’t want to hang out with a guy who wears a shirt like that. Even my fantasy boyfriends have to have standards.

As Claudia and I head toward the cafeteria for lunch, we get pushed and bounced through the shuffle of the crowd, and I realize I’ve ended up near Lucy. She walks toward the edge of the hallway, her shoulder bumping into the row of lockers every so often. Her cheeks are still pink, and she’s not really looking at anyone as she makes her way down the packed hallway. I think about asking her to eat with us in the cafeteria, but the idea of breaking out of my regular social routine and talking to someone new seems exhausting somehow.

After she spoke up in Mr. Davies’s class, I know Lucy is the kind of girl who isn’t afraid to be the center of attention even if it doesn’t make her too popular. It’s not so much that I want to be popular, because popular people at East Rockport High School are basically a–holes, but I like flying under the radar. I wish I didn’t give a s— about what people think about me. Like my mom coming to school with blue hair. She was never dutiful or under the radar when she went here. That’s why she became a Riot Grrrl.


Expected publication date for Moxie is September 19th, 2017.



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