Read The First 3 Chapters of WONDER WOMAN: WARBRINGER

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Wonder Woman is making a fierce impression on the big screen, but she’s also kicking off DC Comics and Random House’s first line of Young Adult prose novels, the DC Icons series, later this summer!

Wonder Woman: Warbringer by bestselling author Leigh Bardugo follows a teenage Diana as she risks life and limb to save a mortal girl, Alia, who turns out to be a “Warbringer” fated to be the cause of chaos in the same vein as Helen of Troy. Together, they’ll face enemies both human and divine who look to put Alia’s fate to their own uses.

Now Random House’s YA preview site Underlined has a look at the first three chapters of the novel!


You do not enter a race to lose.

Diana bounced lightly on her toes at the starting line, her calves taut as bowstrings, her mother’s words reverberating in her ears. A noisy crowd had gathered for the wrestling matches and javelin throws that would mark the start of the Nemeseian Games, but the real event was the footrace, and now the stands were buzzing with word that the queen’s daughter had entered the competition. When Hippolyta had seen Diana amid the runners clustered on the arena sands, she’d displayed no surprise. As was tradition, she’d descended from her viewing platform to wish the athletes luck in their endeavors, sharing a joke here, offering a kind word of encouragement there. She had nodded briefly to Diana, show‐ ing her no special favor, but she’d whispered, so low that only her daughter could hear, “You do not enter a race to lose.” Amazons lined the path that led out of the arena, already stamping their feet and chanting for the games to begin. On Diana’s right, Rani flashed her a radiant smile. “Good luck today.” She was always kind, always gracious, and, of course, always victorious.


Wonder Woman: Warbringer hits bookshelves on August 29, 2017. You can pre-order now via Amazon— Be sure to head back to Underlined to sign up for your free Woman Wonder: Warbringer poster with your proof of pre-order!

Leigh Bardugo will also be at San Diego Comic-Con in support of this novel and Grisha universe fairy tale collection The Language of Thorns. Check out her schedule below!

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