Read the Newest LORD OF SHADOWS Snippet From Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare has just released a new LORD OF SHADOWS snippet featuring Mark Blackthorn in shamrock pants!

Cassandra Clare, the amazing author of the Shadowhunters world has just released a new Lord of Shadows snippet from her book series, The Dark Artifices. The snippet features Mark Blackthorn, Emma Carstairs, and a copy of Alice in Wonderland.

Check it out:

When Emma came out into her bedroom, wearing sweatpants and a tank top and rubbing her hair dry with a green towel, she found Mark curled up at the foot of her bed, reading a copy of Alice in Wonderland.

He was wearing a pair of cotton pajama bottoms that Emma had bought for three dollars from a vendor on the side of the PCH. He was partial to them as being oddly close in their loose, light material to the sort of trousers he’d worn in Faerie.

If it bothered him that they also had a pattern of green shamrocks embroidered with the words GET LUCKY on them, he didn’t show it. He sat up when Emma came in, scrubbing his hands through his hair, and smiled at her.

Mark had a smile that could break your heart. It seemed to take up his whole face and brighten his eyes, firing the blue and gold from inside.

“A strange evening, forsooth,” he said.

Emma put her hands on her hips. “Don’t you forsooth me.”

Cassandra Jean has also illustrated a picture of Mark, with his green shamrock pajama pants and his copy of Alice in Wonderland.

Lord of Shadows Snippet Mark

Cassie is still writing the book, so this is not the final cut. However, we got to see a little bit of the relationship between Mark and Emma.

Lord of Shadows is set to come out Spring 2017.


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