Check out a preview of THE EDGE OF EVERYTHING prologue, and take a look at Author Jeff Giles’s book tour dates! 

A few months ago we raved over The Edge of Everything cover reveal. If you’ve been waiting for more news, you’re in luck: Bustle has released a sneak peek of the prologue. Take a look below!

She named him herself, so it felt like he belonged to her.

He said that where he was from, which he called the Lowlands, they strip your name away like a husk the moment you arrive—to remind you that you’re no one and nothing. When he told her this, she moved a little closer. She should have been scared after what she’d seen him do to Stan, but she wasn’t. Stan deserved everything he got and worse.

The lake was frozen, and they were standing way out in the middle. The ice was shifting, settling. It made booming sounds beneath them, as if it might give way. Stan was gone, but drops of his blood had seeped into the lake. There was a dark constellation at their feet.

She refused to look at it. She suggested some names, and he listened in silence, his eyes shy and wounded-looking. She wanted to step even closer, but she was afraid she’d startle him. She teased him instead.

She told him he seemed like either an Aragorn—or a Fred. He tilted his head, confused. She’d have to work on his sense of humor.

Otherwise, there was nothing about him she’d have changed. He had tangled black hair that fell near his eyes like vines. His face was pale, except for bruises high up on both cheeks. It looked like someone had grabbed his face and dug their fingernails in. Over and over. For years. She didn’t ask who had been hurting him—or why he’d been sent to whatever the Lowlands were in the first place. It was too soon for questions like that.

He told her that even if she gave him a name, the lords of the Lowlands wouldn’t let him use it. She’d heard him shout so fiercely at Stan. But with her, he was quiet and unsure. He said he didn’t think he even deserved a name after all the things he’d done. Been forced to do.

If that didn’t break her heart, it definitely tore a little bit off.

Read the rest of the prologue here. Jeff Giles has also released the dates of his The Edge of Everything tour that starts in January. He’ll be bringing special guests like Sarah J Maas to a few different stops.

The Edge of Everything

The Edge of Everything hits stores on January 31, 2017.


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