Read The First Three Chapters of ONE DARK THRONE By Kendare Blake

Take an early peek at THREE DARK CROWNS sequel ONE DARK THRONE!

We’re only two days away from the release of Kendare Blake’s One Dark Throne, the thrilling sequel to Three Dark Crowns!

The series takes sibling rivalry to a whole new level as three princesses with intense special abilities fight for control of their kingdom. One Dark Throne will see one of the sisters take the crown, but will it be Katharine the poisoner, Arsinoe the naturalist, or Mirabella the elemental, and who will they have to betray gain their power?

Anticipation is super high for this novel, so Epic Reads is giving everyone a head start with a look at the first three chapters. Start reading below!

01. Greavesdrake Manor

Natalia Arron oversees her younger sister’s move back to Greavesdrake with a critical eye. Genevieve was banished from the house for only a few months. If one were to judge by the endless line of trunks the footmen carry through the front door, you would think she had been gone for years.

“It will be good to sleep in my own bed again,” Genevieve says. She inhales deeply. The air at Greavesdrake smells of oiled wood, and books, and savory, poisoned stew bubbling in the kitchen.

“Your bed in town is also your own,” says Natalia. “Do not act as though it were a hardship.”

Natalia studies Genevieve from the corner of her eye. Genevieve’s cheeks are rosy pink, and her lilac irises sparkle. Long, blond hair tumbles past her shoulder. People say she is the beautiful Arron sister. If they only knew what wicked thoughts whirled inside that pretty head.

“Now that you are home,” says Natalia. “Prove yourself useful. What is the Council whispering?”

“The story has been told as you instructed,” Genevieve replies. “That Queen Katharine survived Queen Arsinoe’s attack with the bear and cleverly went into hiding until all was deemed safe. But they have still heard the stories.”

“What stories?”

“Nonsense, mostly.” Genevieve waves her hand. But Natalia frowns. Nonsense becomes truth if enough mouths repeat it.

“What sort of nonsense?”

“That Katharine did not survive at all. Some actually claim to have seen her die, and some say that they saw her as she made her way home: gray-skinned and covered in mud, with blood running from her mouth. They have been calling her Katharine the Undead. Can you imagine?”

Natalia barks laughter. She crosses her arms. It is ridiculous. But she still does not like it.

“But what did happen to her, in the days that she was missing?” Genevieve asks. “Do even you not know?”

Natalia thinks back to that night, when Katharine returned, covered in dirt and bleeding from a dozen cuts. Mute in the foyer with filthy black hair hanging over her face. She had looked like a monster.

“I know enough,” Natalia says, and turns on her heel.

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One Dark Throne is out on September 19, 2017. You can pre-order it now via Amazon.

The novels were originally conceived as a duology, but has since been expanded to four books. In a blog post from late June, Kendare Blake said the additional novels are an expansion of the world, but not an expansion of the sisters’ original story. So once you’ve devoured this one, expect more dark drama in the future!

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