Read The First Three Chapters of THE INFINITE SEA

The first three chapters of THE INFINITE SEA, Rick Yancey’s sequel to his critically-acclaimed book THE 5TH WAVE, are now available online thanks to the Wall Street Journal!

Click to pre-order!
Click to pre-order!

Rick also did a great interview with WSJ in which he revealed that there are already plans for all three books to be adapted:

“The Infinite Sea” begins with Ringer’s point-of-view. Why did you decide to start here?

It creates tension. It’s that simple. Beginning with an unfamiliar voice, in my opinion, forces a reader of the series into paying close attention and defies the expectation that we’ll begin with a familiar voice. I wanted to establish Ringer early, as well, because she plays such a crucial role as the book progresses. Finally, hers is the most intriguing voice for me as a writer. Cassie is all out-there, in your face, what you see is what you get. Ringer is an iceberg, three-fifths beneath the surface. A challenge to those around her – and to the person who created her.

“The 5th Wave” is being adapted into a film. Are you involved with the process? Will the sequel also be adapted?

I am very much involved. I’m included in every major decision and very important people actually return my calls. But I understand and respect a fundamental truth: I write books; they make movies. They don’t tell me how to do my thing and I don’t tell them how to do their thing. They collaborate with a vast team of very talented people to put together art. I collaborate with a vast team of demons inside my head (and my editor, a different sort of demonic entity entirely – KIDDING).

The plan is for at least three films and I hope that happens. A lot will depend on how the first film performs. That’s Hollywood.


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